InfluxDB finder

Graphite-Api storage finder for InfluxDB.

Read metric series from an InfluxDB database via a Graphite-API storage plugin compatible API.

class influxgraph.classes.finder.InfluxDBFinder(config)

Graphite-Api finder for InfluxDB.

Finds and fetches metric series from InfluxDB.

build_index(data=None, separator='.')

Build new node tree index

Parameters:data (list) – (Optional) data to use to build index
fetch_multi(nodes, start_time, end_time)

Fetch datapoints for all series between start and end times

  • nodes (list(influxgraph.classes.InfluxDBLeafNode)) – List of nodes to retrieve data for
  • start_time – Start time of query
  • end_time – End time of query

Find and return nodes matching query

Parameters:query (influxgraph.utils.Query) – Query to search for
get_all_series(cache=True, offset=0, _data=None, **kwargs)

Retrieve all series

get_all_series_list(offset=0, _data=None, *args, **kwargs)

Retrieve all series for series loader


Get field keys for all measurements

get_series(cache=True, offset=0)

Retrieve series names from InfluxDB according to query pattern

Parameters:query ( compatible class) – Query to run to get series names

Load index from file


Save index to file